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Bikram Yoga Australia is dedicated to the investigation and promotion of the health and wellbeing benefits of practicing the genuine 90-minute Bikram Yoga class. The association is also committed to linking those who choose to practice Bikram Yoga with qualified teachers in approved studios throughout Australia.

Find an approved Bikram Yoga studio

In order to ensure you are receiving authentic Bikram Yoga instruction, we encourage all students to practice with a qualified Bikram Yoga teacher in an approved studio, accredited by Bikram Yoga Australia. We will help you find a studio offering the genuine 90 minute Bikram Hot Yoga class anywhere in Australia. Click here to browse through our Bikram studio directory and  Find the closest studio

Health and wellbeing research

BYA is committed to facilitating open access to research and information about the health and wellbeing benefits of this practice. To this end the association provides links to independent as well as funded research.  Read more

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