26 postures

Bikram Yoga is the original hot yoga. It is a precise series of 26 postures each done twice and two breathing exercises, practiced for 90 minutes in a room heated to 40 degrees C with 40% humidity.

 The practice

The Bikram series is designed to create optimal physical and emotional health and is suitable for students of all ages, abilities and states of health. The practice is quite unique, being both accessible to those people who have never practised yoga before, and still strong enough to challenge even a seasoned athlete. Yoga is an ancient, holistic healing practice and many people who practice Bikram Yoga regularly report that they experience health and well-being benefits.

Qualified teacher

The qualified Bikram teacher has undergone the demanding 500hr Teacher Training conducted by Bikram himself. The teacher guides students, with verbal instructions, to move into each posture, to the best of their ability, carefully using focus and breath to create physical, mental and emotional change. Correct form and alignment is far more important than the actual depth achieved.

 Standing series

The Bikram Yoga class begins with a 50 minute standing series of warm-up postures that safely elevate core temperature, heart rate and metabolic rate to induce physiological and mental change in the body.

 Floor series

The final 40 minutes of the class concludes with the floor series, which allows the body to continue healing in the heated conditions, even as the heart and metabolic rate lowers. The floor postures are separated by a brief rest to allow the student to recover, re-oxygenate their body and prepare for the next posture.

Why 90 Minutes

The Bikram yoga series was created by Bikram Choudhury as a 90 minute yoga routine, consisting of 26 postures each done twice and 2 breathing exercises. Conducted in a heated room to 40Deg C and 40% humidity. An authentic Bikram Yoga class is and has always been this and nothing else.
The series is a therapeutic style of Yoga. In other words it is a series that has been devised to heal the body. Each posture has been chosen for its very specific benefits and its relationship with other postures to work deeply into every single part of your being. In fact every single cell.
The nature of the stretch and then subsequent compress that occurs as you do each posture twice is what is causing the healing benefits. The first set prepares the body while the second set you might call the working set. You will always go deeper in the second set and this is where the maximum benefits will occur. Stretch, compress, stretch, compress, stretch, compress for 90 minutes.
The wisdom of the ancients new that you could use your body to heal your body. Bikram is drawing upon his 65 years experience as a yoga healer to present a 90 minute class.